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HIGH COMFORT: SOFT TOUCH - Players regularly touch the grass mat with their hands, arms, knees or even their face. Domo® Slide DS provides an outstanding playing surface with a soft touch

GOOD WEAR RESISTANCE - The LISPORT wear resistance set-up has shown that the fibre remains intact after 50,000 cycles, equivalent to around 10 to 15 years of normal football play.

OUSTANDING PRICE-PERFORMANCE RATIO - Domo® Slide DS is a budget-friendly and high-performance product with an outstanding price-performance ratio.


A monofilament is a yarn that is extruded directly in a specific shape, which gives it a certain strength and also elasticity. These qualities were recognized by official bodies such as UEFA and FIFA as high grade. The standards for FIFA* and FIFA** were successfully satisfied. Domo® Sports Grass is also available with a new mono filament football system, Domo® Slide DS. This product has been specially developed to provide the best in terms of durability and playing properties. Slide DS is also a top football product at a highly competitive price.

The diamond profile guarantees outstanding durability. In the LISPORT set-up, a test setup for checking wear resistance, the fibre remains intact after 30,000 cycles. This equates to 15 years of normal football play.



European standard EN 15330-1

German standard DIN

French standard NFP90-112

FIFA Quality Concept - Fulfils the laboratory requirements for FIFA 1&2 STAR standard

Dutch standard NOCNSF-KNVB2-15



Yarn (dtex) 12000 PE-M
Straight S
Pile Height 45mm
Nett pile weight gr/m2) 1150
Gauge 5/8"
Stitches 145/lm
Tufts per m2 9135
Tuft-cloth D16
Total weight (gr/m2) 2402
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